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I know I’m two weeks late on breaking my hiatus (and wishing everyone a happy new year), but Mochi has been ill, so I hope you’ll forgive me. He’s feeling much better now, so let the blog posting re-commence! My tropical getaway was very fun, and I’ll probably be posting some pictures from Hawaii and Hanukkah to my Flickr shortly — most of the upcoming posts will probably be about my makeup and SW:TOR holiday fun, though! Ringing in the new year with my boyfriend, my Jedi Sage, and egg cremes, what could be better?

I hope everyone had joyous holidays, and is enjoying 2012 so far. Cheers! 🙂

Short hair! Don’t judge based on terribad picture; it’s a bit cuter than it seems.

I haven’t posted in a bit because I’ve been busy officially moving back to LA. It’s very weird having all my stuff in one place and not knowing when I’ll next wind up in Irvine. I suppose I’ll adapt to not being nomadic at some point. At least my bedroom set is finally together and I can have artwork on the walls (and by artwork, I mean lots and lots of WoW posters)!

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The way I’ve had to spend my days recently is rapidly decreasing my faith in my generation and humanity as a whole. Here’s a picture of Mochi looking adorable to make up for my current and continuing grumpiness.


Sometimes, while peacefully reading, I’ll get the feeling that I’m being watched.



…is hard and it gives me a headache, even moreso than reading scholarly papers about Monte Carlo Sampling and Maven, the current best Scrabble AI. (Is that not the best name ever for a Scrabble AI?)

To make up for my whining, here’s a picture of Mochi which exemplifies how I feel about graduating!


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