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I was planning on writing some posts about the recent “faction bias” and “SW:TOR vs. WoW” debates, but, uhhhh… patch day! So, instead, I’ll be fumbling my way through new heroics and crying over yet more dailies to do. Hooray! Enjoy transmog and void storage, everyone! 😀



… and while I should be most excited about the new Molten Front quest area, or the raid, or the epic Thrall quest, I’m totally happiest about being able to reorder my toons on the character select screen. Finally, all the 85s at the top! I’m not currently raiding with my guild, so I spend most of my time leveling, and it really annoys me if my characters aren’t sorted by level. I officially have five 85s now, too, now that my resto druid hit 85! Only one more healer to go and then I’ll have the full set again. 🙂


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