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I was planning on writing some posts about the recent “faction bias” and “SW:TOR vs. WoW” debates, but, uhhhh… patch day! So, instead, I’ll be fumbling my way through new heroics and crying over yet more dailies to do. Hooray! Enjoy transmog and void storage, everyone! 😀

Almost two months ago, my boyfriend bought Urban Decay’s Naked Palette for me after seeing me drool over it every time I dragged him to Sephora. Two months is an unusually long time for me to wait before reviewing a product, but I’ve been really reluctant to write this post because I wasn’t sure I could adequately describe just how much I love this palette while also not parroting all of the reviews which led me to get it in the first place.

Everyone loves this palette — and for good reason. I’ve heard people speak of Holy Grail items before, and never really gotten it. However, in the time that I’ve had this palette it’s easier to count the days I didn’t wear one or more of these shadows than the days I did. I get it now. This palette includes 12 full-sized, incredibly versatile shadows, the Good Karma Shadow Brush, and a travel-size Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion for $48. I don’t think any other palette has done neutral better, or for a better price.

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Today’s Breakfast Topic on WoW Insider was submitted by yours truly! 😀 It was inspired by my adorable 11-year-old cousin, Noa, who has always loved to watch me play WoW, and now has an account herself. I plan on writing an expanded article on these issues as we continue to play together — while WoW isn’t kid-friendly in its base form, it’s definitely possible to create a safe experience within the game.

Link: “How do you adapt WoW for younger players?”


It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to learn the art of applying make up recently. While I tend to not be a fan of sitting around watching videos, YouTube is a wonderful resource for learning new techniques. One of the film makers who has been particularly useful to me is make up artist Lisa Eldridge. Particularly, her series on basics (though, really, all of her videos are fabulous). This is how I learned about the proper use of liquid foundation, which is super basic but also something that wasn’t intuitive to me. Really great!

I found myself back at my high school. This year I was in LA again, so I went to see the fall musical. I took a break in the middle of grad school application essays about “emotional moments” and “interactive experiences” to go have one myself. This year it was South Pacific. The opening strains of the overture washed over me in a wave of nostalgia. The memory of saying to our drama teacher over and over, “please, this one,” is strong and close, despite four years gone by.

I’ve never had a firm grasp on time. My memory is always spotty and blurred, and sometimes I have difficulty remembering events in the correct order. Facts, I remember. My life, less so. When I think back, high school is a bright period in my mind. It seems so close, just out of reach, just beyond my field of vision. Like I see the motion, but not the color. The striking thing about it for me is that it seems so much closer than college. Maybe it’s because I lost all the friends I made in college and I’m back seeing all the same people. I’m back home. You can’t escape Buckley in the Valley. They don’t remember me, but I remember them. Hazy, maybe, but always there. I walk past them, like a secret.

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So, uh, I have a Twitter. If you enjoy seeing a pedantic grammar nerd trying to type in 140 characters without resorting to netspeak, you can follow me at @neuralwiles.

Here’s a video of an adorable owl!


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Let it be said that when I got my Droid Incredible I was enamored with it. It did everything I needed, and I wanted for nothing. Recently, this has not been the case, and the fault seems to lie with one of my favorite manufacturers, HTC.

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Well, at least one. I return to you, bloggy blog blog blogosphere, having conquered (or at least, had an adequate “range” for) the GRE. Huzzah! Now to wait for my actual scores, because I always wind up taking tests right after they’re completely changed.

I’m also in the middle of getting my essays ready for my grad school applications. You know, I can write over 2,000 words on the most inane stuff for this blog, but when it comes to personal statements and the like, I freeze up. I guess it’s because I want it so badly that I’m afraid I’ll mess up. Still though, seems pretty silly given my general pedantry!

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