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I was planning on finally adding my two cents to the debate surrounding some of the more contentious issues which have been broached about Patch 4.1, but since it dropped today I would probably do better actually experiencing these additions before commenting (if you can’t tell, I’m excited).

One conclusion I did come to, though, in trying to examine to both sides of the debate outlined in various blogs and on the official forums, is that it seems that the underlying problem here isn’t Blizzard’s response to its customers. The problem here is us.

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In an attempt to recreate Saturday’s magic makeup encounter, I tried my new purchases for the second time tonight. In the interest of documenting my (questionable) success, I have taken many a MySpace bathroom photo to try and document my new “look.” I’ll also list out each of the products I used, in case anyone is interested.

Magic special makeup

This is the blurry phone pic I took right after the makeup artist did everything for me, used as reference. Please forgive the zombie fish face– when I smile, my eyes disappear, which is not conducive to seeing how they should look later on. It’s a really natural, basic look, but it’s good for me because I’m not comfortable with things being too heavy on a daily basis.

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Because my life is steeped in silly internet media, the two things that inevitably go through my mind when I go to buy new shoes are:




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I know this is a totally belated post, but I haven’t yet watched the show (I like to do marathons, so it’s on the DVR, sitting, waiting…). I just love the casting for Daernys. I think she’s gorgeous and she’s exactly as I pictured her. I really hope they do her character transformation justice. The rest are a bit different than I imagined (I’m not sure exactly why I decided Jaime had long hair, but I really believed it wholeheartedly), but I’m still so, so excited that this is finally on the air and already got picked up for another season! Now, to reread the book in preparation. 😀 As much as I think George R. R. Martin is personally out to crush my heart in the cruelest of ways, this is probably my favorite fantasy series of all time. Excited!

Truly a polished, excellent, hilarious game. The following videos contain some spoilers of the ending, but they’re too adorable to not share. The one with the bigger “spoiler” is behind the cut. 😛

My favorite character:

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There is absolutely something magical that happens when someone does your makeup for you. At least for me. Everything turns out right. They know exactly what to put where, and everything that takes you half an hour to do poorly is done in five seconds, perfectly.

I know it’s a faux pas to admit that I don’t have much idea what to do with myself in terms of “beauty.” On the rare occasion when I wear make-up, I have pretty much one thing I do with my eyes that looks okay and maybe I can vary the color slightly from time to time. The foundation and blush are static, and the lipsticks are pretty standard, too. Eyeliner (usually crooked, never properly smudged) or false eyelashes (thanks, high school musicals!) are pretty much as adventurous as I get. I know, logically, that when I make myself up it looks like I’m wearing very little, but I wear it so rarely that I always feel like there’s too much on. There’s just no balance. It’s not something I intrinsically get.

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Let me start by saying that I have always had problems with doing effective pre-writing. I would be bitten by an idea for something and just start writing. This served me fine for a while, at least for short fics, because most of my writing, well, didn’t have much, or any, real plot development. Most of what I wrote were essentially vignettes – nice little snapshots of time, but without much development outside of the characters’ heads. Because they were short (it took me years in fandom to write something more than 2,000 words long) and fairly simple, I actually managed to get along quite well this way. Unfortunately, once I started trying to write short-stories and chaptered fics, I ran into a bit of a problem. I would get bored with whatever plot idea I started with, or forget where I was going with it, and eventually I would usually give up.

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…is hard and it gives me a headache, even moreso than reading scholarly papers about Monte Carlo Sampling and Maven, the current best Scrabble AI. (Is that not the best name ever for a Scrabble AI?)

To make up for my whining, here’s a picture of Mochi which exemplifies how I feel about graduating!


I really wanted to spend the spare time I had before my next class blogging about WoW. Maybe do a post on the new Call to Arms change for 4.1, or discuss my alt addiction, or how healing is shaping up now that I’ve got all 4 classes past 80. But I just stood in line with about 200 other members of my class and couldn’t name a single one. I guess I’ll talk about college.

I’m sitting in the Locus, the special study lounge for the campuswide honor students, just mystified by the changes time can make. I remember when this felt like home. I remember when I felt like a member of the CHP, instead of vaguely dreading their events because I might run into a crazy ex-roommate, or just an ex in general. I remember when I could use the phrase “all my friends” instead of the one or three I can list now, but that’s neither here not there. I remember being excited about college, and my classes, and my work.

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One of the greatest parts of being part of fandom is coming into contact with such a diverse group of people. There are people representative of all origins, all walks of life, and all skill-sets – truly a sampling platter of what a variety of people there are in the world. One of my favorite things, personally, is meeting people of different cultural backgrounds, and people who speak foreign languages. It’s fascinating, especially if it’s a language you’ve been interested in studying. It’s especially wonderful if you can help each other – I had a German pen-pal I would beta for and swap English tips with in exchange for her teaching me some really nifty German swear words. People of different origins from yours can be great assets as friends and serve as a wealth of interesting information.

Being that fandom is so diverse, especially in terms of what language we all speak, understandably there is a semi-prevalent use of other languages, secondary languages, in fanfic. However, sometimes this is done less-than-ideally and so I’d like to offer some tips about how to incorporate foreign languages into a fic in an appropriate manner.

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