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I recently set out on a lipstick expedition to Nordstroms looking to fill out my rather-lacking collection. I came prepared with a list of products I had earmarked based on online reviews and asked the sales person to help me try on one after another. I knew, vaguely, what I wanted: a nude, a pink, and a plum. Within those categories, though, I was pretty much flying by the seat of my pants. I didn’t really understand what “temperature” my skin was (apparently, pink means “cool” — who knew?) or what colors would look good on me, aside from thinking they looked nice on other people. I had written down a lot of MAC, a lot of Bobbi Brown, some NARS.

Somehow, I wound up with two by Giorgio Armani.

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After trying “Charmed” in my search for a cute summer pink lipstick that wouldn’t be too drying, I’ve become hooked! Not only does it match my ridiculously pink purse (which probably makes me preppier than I’d like to currently consider), but it’s more like a balm than a true lipstick or tint. While it’s not quite as long-lasting as I would expect given its label, it’s definitely a fun product. It’s also available in sparkly and matte versions, though having tried a few I think I prefer the original. It’s also “casual” enough that I don’t feel odd wearing it with no other makeup. I would definitely recommend, especially given the current sale over at Tarte!

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Stain – $24.

Matteo and I readying ourselves for a night on the town! Mama D’s and watching the 10-footers off the Wedge in Newport. Then Portal 2 Co-op. What could be better? Also, I am being adventurous with red lipstick. Scary! It’s more red than it looks here, I think.

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