The Vengeful Polyglot

Real Life is a Dangerous Beast

Posted on: May 3, 2012

So, real life kind of snuck up and bit me in the butt the past few months. I apologize for the lengthy and unexplained absence — it must have been confusing for all four of my readers who aren’t related to me! This post will hopefully serve as a quick catch up of what my past few months have been like. In absolutely-not-chronological order:


I got into grad school!!!

Starting this Fall I will be enrolled in USC’s Interactive Media MFA program — my dream school, and my dream program. I am so lucky I still can’t believe it. (See above picture for evidence of my enthusiasm.) FIGHT ON!


I cut a lot of my hair off and dyed it three ridiculous colors

Cut (man, am I sleepy!):

Colors (purple, pink, and teal):

I may still look 16, but dammit if I don’t look like a 16-year-old art student now. I’m pretty sure having crazy hair is a prerequisite to getting an MFA. Also I feel kind of punk, which is an accomplishment. A little more Ramona Flowers, a little less Ramona Quimby.


I got a Galaxy Nexus

This is not exactly newsworthy other than it being totally, amazingly awesome. I have the best phone, you have the rest phone. I’m hilarious. If the picture quality for all of these totally blows… blame my new phone. Sadly, zero shutter lag has its downsides.


I made Passover, and it didn’t suck

At the very least, my brisket and matzo ball soup were well received. Huzzah.


I got a job

Okay, I’m a tutor. Okay, I earn $16 an hour, and tend to have fewer than ten hours of work a week. Still counts! Also, I’m amazed at how much I remember about The Reformation and factoring. I remember way more from high school than expected!


I celebrated Pi(e) Day at Marie Callendar’s

It’s important to keep traditions going. Also, nerds.


I got my college diploma (and Phi Beta Kappa)!

Summer Grad Lauren finally gets to find out about honors, whee.


I saw American Idiot with my mom from Muppet seats

Whatever, musicals are awesome.


So, here’s hoping this brief, photo-heavy post somewhat explains what I’ve been up to the past couple of months! My normal level of intermittent posting should resume from now on.

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