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While the Dungeon Finder has been lauded by many as a great success and a quality of life improvement for World of Warcraft’s playerbase, it has not been without well-deserved criticism. In particular, the social ramifications of cross-server grouping I briefly addressed in my previous Dungeon Finder post have been pushed to the forefront.

Having followed the ups and downs of this issue on the forums fairly closely since the system’s implementation, I’ve seen one proposed solution presented time and time again: that a ratings system should be imposed so that “good” players can somehow be given priority over “bad” ones while using the Dungeon Finder, thus hopefully creating a more pleasant social experience while running randoms. While Blizzard has announced that it will not implement such a system, players’ enthusiasm for the proposal is unabated.

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I was planning on finally adding my two cents to the debate surrounding some of the more contentious issues which have been broached about Patch 4.1, but since it dropped today I would probably do better actually experiencing these additions before commenting (if you can’t tell, I’m excited).

One conclusion I did come to, though, in trying to examine to both sides of the debate outlined in various blogs and on the official forums, is that it seems that the underlying problem here isn’t Blizzard’s response to its customers. The problem here is us.

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