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I’m here to talk about High School Alternate-Universe (AU) fics, and how to and how to deal with some of the common issues encountered while writing them. The High School AU is a very common AU – possibly even the most common. Most fans I’ve known have written one, and most of those have admitted to writing them really, exceedingly poorly. I’ve written them really, exceedingly poorly, for that matter, though no one alive will get their current location from me. I’m actually one of those fangirls who has the capability to truly enjoy a HS AU, assuming it’s well written.

That’s where we tend to run into problems, though, these fics and I. AUs are notoriously sophisticated and tricksy beasts; not only does the author have to think about all of the normal problems which crop up while writing fanfiction – such a characterization, diction, interpersonal relationships, plot – but they also have to deal with plopping the characters in a new locale, or possibly remaking the whole story in a new world entirely. This is a particularly daunting task.

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