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In an attempt to look less like an adolescent nightmare/swamp monster, I have embarked into the contradictory and confusing world of skincare, as well as the shockingly glitter-filled realm of make up. Or, in other words, I was tired of having acne at 21 when I was promised it would strictly be the domain of my teenage years. Erroneously, I thought “Hey, Sephora has this stuff, right? I know I remember one or two names from a friend’s blog post, I’ll check it out.”

What I was greeted with was a veritable wall of products I couldn’t possibly understand the use of, all claiming different magical properties. Some of them were sorted into catagories: acne, redness reducing, age defying. I must have looked at 50 or more, trying to decide, well, if I had acne and redness, what the hell do I do then? Some of them had what I could only assume were variations in texture. “Creamy cleanser.” “Exfoliating.” Each collection or theme had from 3-10 different products or steps, but very little in the way of explanation of when or how to use them. I was quite frankly overwhelmed and intimidated.

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I know this has been coming for the longest time, so since it was requested, here is how I’ve managed my two Minimalistic Text + Tasker widgets! (This is a followup to my previous Tasker Roundup.) I haven’t quite finished my most recent color/look switch up, so I’m going to use my neon screen shots from a while back. Of course, since it’s Minimalistic Text, all of the text, colors, and specific font configurations are fully configurable.


Missed Calls/Texts/Email Widget

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So, I know I haven’t been updating as much as I’d like. While I’d like to blame this on Google+ or maybe my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, mostly it’s because I’m in an intensive 5 week chemistry course and it’s taking up the majority of my time. I’m more than halfway through, though, so I should be back to my verbose self soon. 🙂

Here’s a picture of a cat so this post can have a point.


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