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Well, download Tasker. Also this, though:

It just keeps scrolling. Forever. I now have 300 wallpapers. What do?

Since this is a totally boring post and I need to wait for the SDK to install on my desktop in order to do my shocking new Android UI exposé, here are two songs I’ve recently been obsessed with.

If you’re feeling chipper, check out “Daytime” by Matt and Kim (courtesy of my Hush Sound Pandora station). If you’re more pensive, give “Exile Vilify” by The National a try (from the Portal 2 Soundtrack). I, probably like many relatively-intelligent primates, can play the main theme for the latter! I am unnecessarily proud.



(I’m not going to get into how much Mumford and Sons I’ve been listening to lately, but suffice to say they’re pretty neat, too.)

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