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This is a question I’ve been puzzling over since the service was launched in the US this past July. Where does Spotify fit amongst already existing music streaming services, and why has it become so popular?

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Having been the beneficiary of a fairly sizable Bloomingdale’s gift card recently, I naturally took this opportunity to buy even more lip glosses. Clearly necessary! This time I focused on NARS, both to try a new product and another that had been endlessly recommended: two of the new Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils, that seem to straddle the line between lip gloss and lipstick, and also two of their best-selling and oft-referenced Lip Glosses, Orgasm and Striptease.

As a side note, I get wanting to be edgy, but is there really a market in naming your products so I need to feel embarrassed if my grandmother asks me what lipstick I’m wearing? It just seems unnecessary. Modern woman, hear me roar, whatever — I still don’t need to be talking about “Turkish Delight” with any of my family members. This is kind of a brand turn-off (pun intended?) for me.

That aside, these are lovely and I’m enjoying wearing them. On to the makeup!

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Since I wasn’t able to actually go to Blizzcon this year, this picture from the Curse afterparty (photo credit to Corey Sandler) is as good as I can do. But man, do we ever look like we’re enjoying some competitive skeeball!

In all seriousness, though, we got a whole lot of information out of Blizzcon this year, most of which really needs to be seen, I think, before it can be evaluated. I’m sure excited to see these things on live, though!

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It’s looking just about that realistic right about now.

In other news, looking at job listings is only slightly less frightening than starting my grad school applications and taking the GRE. Graaah.

I recently set out on a lipstick expedition to Nordstroms looking to fill out my rather-lacking collection. I came prepared with a list of products I had earmarked based on online reviews and asked the sales person to help me try on one after another. I knew, vaguely, what I wanted: a nude, a pink, and a plum. Within those categories, though, I was pretty much flying by the seat of my pants. I didn’t really understand what “temperature” my skin was (apparently, pink means “cool” — who knew?) or what colors would look good on me, aside from thinking they looked nice on other people. I had written down a lot of MAC, a lot of Bobbi Brown, some NARS.

Somehow, I wound up with two by Giorgio Armani.

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As mentioned in my review of the Tarte for True Blood Limited Edition Palette, Tarte’s mascara has been a very pleasant surprise for me. Typically, mascaras cause mild burning and itching in my eyes; I always thought this was “normal” prior to trying the sample-size Lights, Camera, Lashes! included in the palette. Since then, I took advantage of this great QVC deal and picked up two of the titular mascara (normally $19 each) since the reviews seemed to point to it being even better than Lights, Camera, Lashes!

Well, I think I have to agree! This mascara is really great. I get no irritation and this mascara offers a lot more length and definition than Lights, Camera, Lashes, in my opinion. Also, no flaking that I’ve noticed (though I didn’t notice any with my other Tarte mascara, either). I have my new Holy Grail mascara! Check out some of my makeup reviews after this for sample pics; if I’m wearing mascara, it’ll be this one!

Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara – $19.

Before I go off on a bit of a nerdrage tangent, let me just start by saying that I was really looking forward to this phone. I’ve been listening to every little HTC Bliss (now Rhyme) rumor since I heard it was going to have an adorable charm. It’s even purple. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a sucker for cute, girly things, so you can imagine I was pretty psyched for this phone to come out. For as much as I don’t believe we need to have devices marketed “for” women (I use my Android devices just fine, despite my genitalia), I certainly wouldn’t mind a more feminine aesthetic for my phone.

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