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As the quarter draws to a close and graduation (and two summer session classes) draws near, I have fallen victim to what I’m calling “anxious lethargy.” I’m burnt out, but while I’d rather mess with Tasker scripts on my phone or blog or play WoW, I am entirely anxious about actually blowing work off. Basically, it’s all the downside of senioritis without any of the fun of relaxing (no grad acceptance or job yet, so my grades can’t “safely” tank) or not caring (my anxiety is legendary).

This came to a head with my Networks exam. Most of my classes, with the exception of Linguistic Anthropology, are not exam courses (and, really, how much do I have to study for a lower div ling class after progressing through several upper divs? While also fun and interesting, Ling functions as GPA padding for me). Project in AI is, well, project-based. My Studio Art Game Design class is making a game in a specific Flash SDK and not much else. Networks, though, has one big exam, called a midterm but in actuality a final, since afterward we split up to work on group projects. For some reason, I got a total block on actually preparing for this exam.

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