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I’ve been reticent to post my Tasker profiles (of which I have many) because not all of them are “optimal.” But, since I promised, here they are. I’ll do my best to describe the settings and profiles I use to achieve the effects I’ve been going for!

I’ll supply the Contexts and Task descriptions for each profile, but please comment if I haven’t been specific enough! I’m more than happy to help.


GPS Only for Location-Based Services

This is a common one I’ve seen around. Since GPS tends to really drain battery if it’s enabled all the time, this profile enables GPS when I open Maps, Places, or Yelp, and disables it when I’m done.

Profile: GPS Only For Maps

Context: Application -> Maps, Places, Yelp

GPS On Task: Misc -> GPS, Set On

GPS Off Task (Exit Task): Misc -> GPS, Set Off

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