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Having been the beneficiary of a fairly sizable Bloomingdale’s gift card recently, I naturally took this opportunity to buy even more lip glosses. Clearly necessary! This time I focused on NARS, both to try a new product and another that had been endlessly recommended: two of the new Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils, that seem to straddle the line between lip gloss and lipstick, and also two of their best-selling and oft-referenced Lip Glosses, Orgasm and Striptease.

As a side note, I get wanting to be edgy, but is there really a market in naming your products so I need to feel embarrassed if my grandmother asks me what lipstick I’m wearing? It just seems unnecessary. Modern woman, hear me roar, whatever — I still don’t need to be talking about “Turkish Delight” with any of my family members. This is kind of a brand turn-off (pun intended?) for me.

That aside, these are lovely and I’m enjoying wearing them. On to the makeup!

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