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I know I’m two weeks late on breaking my hiatus (and wishing everyone a happy new year), but Mochi has been ill, so I hope you’ll forgive me. He’s feeling much better now, so let the blog posting re-commence! My tropical getaway was very fun, and I’ll probably be posting some pictures from Hawaii and Hanukkah to my Flickr shortly — most of the upcoming posts will probably be about my makeup and SW:TOR holiday fun, though! Ringing in the new year with my boyfriend, my Jedi Sage, and egg cremes, what could be better?

I hope everyone had joyous holidays, and is enjoying 2012 so far. Cheers! 🙂


I’m off to tropical locales sans internet, so I won’t be posting for two weeks. Happy holidays, all! 😀

Having recently detailed a tale of foundation matching horror, let me now share a tale of makeup love and perfection. After returning Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere, I wandered around Nordstrom’s trying to decide where on earth to start looking for a new prospect. On my way to the Armani counter, my eye was caught by the beautiful packaging over by Burberry. So, what the hell? I gave it a shot.

This was the best decision I’ve made recently. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of Burberry earlier — it’s based in England, they clearly must support people who are ludicrously fair (har har). The artist quickly matched up with Burberry’s Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation in Trench No.01, which despite the name is a rather medium-coverage foundation which comes in a variety of really-light to slightly-less-light shades (very encouraging for pale girls like me!)

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This not the review I anticipated writing when I bought this product. I wound up returning it, but let’s start at the beginning. After hearing many glowing reviews for Chanel’s discontinued Pro Lumiere foundation, I decided to try the new Perfection Lumiere which had been billed as a sort of “spiritual successor” to Pro Lumiere. Since I’m very, very fair, I typically try the lightest shade available for foundations. Being pale can be a hassle, but since I live my life mostly in a state of computer-lit hermithood, the chance of me tanning is somewhere between 0 and -1. Bonus: I don’t have to buy a different foundation for the summers! At the counter, I tried the two lightest shades they had: Beige 10 and Beige Rose 12.

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I was planning on writing some posts about the recent “faction bias” and “SW:TOR vs. WoW” debates, but, uhhhh… patch day! So, instead, I’ll be fumbling my way through new heroics and crying over yet more dailies to do. Hooray! Enjoy transmog and void storage, everyone! 😀

Almost two months ago, my boyfriend bought Urban Decay’s Naked Palette for me after seeing me drool over it every time I dragged him to Sephora. Two months is an unusually long time for me to wait before reviewing a product, but I’ve been really reluctant to write this post because I wasn’t sure I could adequately describe just how much I love this palette while also not parroting all of the reviews which led me to get it in the first place.

Everyone loves this palette — and for good reason. I’ve heard people speak of Holy Grail items before, and never really gotten it. However, in the time that I’ve had this palette it’s easier to count the days I didn’t wear one or more of these shadows than the days I did. I get it now. This palette includes 12 full-sized, incredibly versatile shadows, the Good Karma Shadow Brush, and a travel-size Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion for $48. I don’t think any other palette has done neutral better, or for a better price.

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Today’s Breakfast Topic on WoW Insider was submitted by yours truly! 😀 It was inspired by my adorable 11-year-old cousin, Noa, who has always loved to watch me play WoW, and now has an account herself. I plan on writing an expanded article on these issues as we continue to play together — while WoW isn’t kid-friendly in its base form, it’s definitely possible to create a safe experience within the game.

Link: “How do you adapt WoW for younger players?”

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