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Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation

Posted on: December 7, 2011

This not the review I anticipated writing when I bought this product. I wound up returning it, but let’s start at the beginning. After hearing many glowing reviews for Chanel’s discontinued Pro Lumiere foundation, I decided to try the new Perfection Lumiere which had been billed as a sort of “spiritual successor” to Pro Lumiere. Since I’m very, very fair, I typically try the lightest shade available for foundations. Being pale can be a hassle, but since I live my life mostly in a state of computer-lit hermithood, the chance of me tanning is somewhere between 0 and -1. Bonus: I don’t have to buy a different foundation for the summers! At the counter, I tried the two lightest shades they had: Beige 10 and Beige Rose 12.

While my face is fairly red, that’s not something I really want to emphasize. The the 12 not only made me look even pinker, but was far rosier than my neck and chest. Given this, I decided that the 10 was my best bet. Under the lights I had access to, it actually looked pretty nice. I ran outside for a quick look, and it looked pretty good. Reviewers had mentioned that this foundation didn’t tend to play nicely with dry skin (which I have, particularly in the winter), but the texture was fairly matte and pleasant. I bought it ($55).

Here’s a shot of the packaging:

Really lovely, brand-consistent packaging. Easy to use pump applicator.

Here’s a swatch of Beige 10 on my hand, from the pump on the left and blended on the right:

It’s here that astute readers may begin to see the issue. To further illustrate, I will provide two pictures side by side: one of me sans makeup (yeesh, that hurts to post!) and one of me wearing Chanel Perfection Lumiere.

While the foundation did get rid of redness… it also made me horrifically yellow. It may not show too well on the small photo, but the color was horrible. It looked like a bad mask, or like I had jaundice. I have no idea how I didn’t catch this when I was in the store. In addition, it really didn’t play well with my skin. Even though I moisturized and primed as usual, it emphasized my skin issues instead of camouflaging them. I had to take it back.

That said, your mileage may vary. The texture is pleasant, it has a light rose scent, and it covers well (I’d say medium coverage). The color really did horribly for my pale skin, though, and it wasn’t kind to thirsty skin, so I returned it today to find something that suited me better. Given that Chanel tends to have a limited color range, be wary that the color which seems like it “has” to match (i.e. the lightest, for me) may just… not.

I hope others will have better luck with this foundation than I! I was really very excited about it. Bummer.


4 Responses to "Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation"

Does your mother know you bought Chanel. I don’t recall them saying sorry.

She does, she was around. 😛 We did return it, though.

I love this foundation.

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