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GRE: Challenge Accepted

Posted on: November 8, 2011

Well, at least one. I return to you, bloggy blog blog blogosphere, having conquered (or at least, had an adequate “range” for) the GRE. Huzzah! Now to wait for my actual scores, because I always wind up taking tests right after they’re completely changed.

I’m also in the middle of getting my essays ready for my grad school applications. You know, I can write over 2,000 words on the most inane stuff for this blog, but when it comes to personal statements and the like, I freeze up. I guess it’s because I want it so badly that I’m afraid I’ll mess up. Still though, seems pretty silly given my general pedantry!

In other exciting (and I mean EXCITING) news, my life is amazing and I have a new Canon 50mm f/1.4. I am thrilled. In fact, maybe the meme should have been “Blur ALL the backgrounds!” Check out this bokeh and tell me that isn’t creamy. Awwww yeeeeeah. 😀


1 Response to "GRE: Challenge Accepted"

Very creamy. Grad school—fun 🙂

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