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NARS Lipgloss Haul

Posted on: October 27, 2011

Having been the beneficiary of a fairly sizable Bloomingdale’s gift card recently, I naturally took this opportunity to buy even more lip glosses. Clearly necessary! This time I focused on NARS, both to try a new product and another that had been endlessly recommended: two of the new Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils, that seem to straddle the line between lip gloss and lipstick, and also two of their best-selling and oft-referenced Lip Glosses, Orgasm and Striptease.

As a side note, I get wanting to be edgy, but is there really a market in naming your products so I need to feel embarrassed if my grandmother asks me what lipstick I’m wearing? It just seems unnecessary. Modern woman, hear me roar, whatever — I still don’t need to be talking about “Turkish Delight” with any of my family members. This is kind of a brand turn-off (pun intended?) for me.

That aside, these are lovely and I’m enjoying wearing them. On to the makeup!


NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils

I caught sight of these in a few beauty blogs and the texture seemed so interesting I had to try it out. Based on swatches on Temptalia, I decided to pick up Happy Days, a sheer pinky-peach with gold shimmer, and New Lover, a fairly opaque cool pink with peach shimmer. Both colors are multi-dimensional and look lovely on.

The texture really is quite interesting. They’re a bit more shimmery than glossy, but they go on smoothly and last longer than most glosses. They really do seem to be straddling the line between lip gloss and lip stick. These are also formulated without parabens et al., and are supposed to be moisturizing to boot. I thought they were comfortable on my very dry lips, though obviously not as much as a balm. Overall, a really nice formula.

As far as the packaging, it’s important to not that unlike, say, Tarte’s LipSurgence line, these are not of the twist up variety. You’ll need to have a large enough sharpener (like Urban Decay’s Grindhouse) to advance more product. This results in some unavoidable product waste, so it’s good to know going in.

Here are some swatches on my hand:

I don’t have any lip pictures, so I want to make a point of noting again that Happy Days is sheerer and requires more layers to build up more opaque coverage like I did get to color payoff here. On my lips, however, I wear it sheer. This picture, while it captures some of the glossiness, really doesn’t show the shimmer that makes these so attractive — I’d direct you to the Temptalia link for pictures that better show their beautiful effect. My ability with lighting is limited at best!

As a bottom line, I really like these and I’m going to definitely consider picking up some of the other colors in the future!


NARS Lip Glosses

Since I had the card to use, I thought I’d finally invest in some of NARS’s lip glosses that I’ve seen recommended again and again. On the left is Striptease, a fairly flat beige nude, and on the right is Orgasm, an incredibly multi-dimensional, pink with peachy/gold shimmer. Striptease doesn’t look great on me straight out of the bottle, but it’s really useful to “nude out” lipsticks, and it layers nicely. Orgasm looks great alone or paired with a lipstick. Looking at this color with indoor lighting really doesn’t do it justice; you need to see it in the sun to really appreciate its depth.

The formula for NARS glosses is consistent and well-made. They’re not too sticky, and the wear was good. It’s worth noting that these have a really strong plasticky smell, so those who are sensitive to odors may want to try before they buy. While I notice it when putting these on, it doesn’t bother me after the actual application. Your mileage may vary.

Here are some more hand swatches:

As you can (hopefully) see, Striptease is a plain, glossy nude, and Orgasm is a nicely multi-dimensional pink (almost peachy) and packed with shimmer. Striptease, again, looks pretty horrible on me straight out (it settles into the lines on my lips unflatteringly, and doesn’t provide full enough coverage to wear as a nude rather than, say, a lipstick), but is useful over one of my pinky-nude lipsticks to give it a more neutral look. Orgasm has a fair amount of coverage, and is so, so pretty. It’s actually a bit lighter than I normally go (it lightens my lips from their natural color), but it looks very fresh and I’m liking it.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my haul. Since I’ve been on a lipstick binge recently, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten my hands on new glosses. Not disappointed!


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