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September 2011 Birchbox!

Posted on: September 13, 2011

I got my first ever Birchbox today! I really wasn’t expecting it, because my mom signed me up as a surprise. Exciting! Unfortunately, as far as this particular box goes, I wasn’t super impressed. I’m still really interested in the concept, though, and I’m looking forward to the coming months. To the unboxing!

The packaging is absolutely adorable. I really like the design aesthetic Birchbox uses. It’s clean and feminine, very nice. Included with the box is a little note explaining the philosophy behind this particular box (this time, it’s a “Thank You” box) and a listing of the products it contains.

Here are the products — a face moisturizer, nail decals, an eco-friendly perfume, a lip treatment, and a Birchbox friendship bracelet.

I’m not exactly too fond of animal prints, so I’m giving the nail decals to my mom. I have been interested by the idea of them, though, so it’s a nice inclusion. It’s only the pattern that I don’t like.

The bracelet is cute, too. I’ll probably wear it. I didn’t very much care of the scent of the perfume, though, so that was a loss. While I enjoy eco-friendly products, I’m not impressed purely by virtue of their sustainability. Scent is such a personal thing, though; it may suit someone else’s tastes quite well.

The face moisturizer has a nice texture, but it felt weird on my skin once it dried. Almost a bit sting-y. The scent is also pretty strong and not to my liking. Pass. 😦

This lip treatment was all right. I have super dry lips so I was looking forward to trying it out. It stayed moist and a bit shiny on my lips for a few hours, but I didn’t feel too much “repair” functionality. At least, not compared to the La Mer lip balm I’m used to. Since it’s a sample size, the applicator is also a bit uncomfortable to use. That is par for the course for this sort of sample collection, though, so I can’t really hold it against them. I just didn’t see too much improvement from the product itself.

Overall, like I said, I wasn’t really too thrilled with the particular products in this box. I still think the service is brilliant, though, and I’m so excited to see upcoming boxes. Even if these weren’t to my personal preference, it’s well worth the $10 to check out new products. Not to mention fun!


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