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For the Love of Boxes

Posted on: August 23, 2011

If you know me in real life, you probably have seen my compulsive need to buy boxes and organizers (which generally have little to no practical use) and then take rather obscene joy in finding something to put in them under the guise of “organizing.”

I really, really love doing this. So much so that I sometimes can’t stand using or being around things that aren’t put in order. My mom has some absolutely charming stories she likes to share with people I bring home about how my family used to enrage me up by messing with my meticulously organized blocks. You remember that Rugrats episode where Tommy trolls Chuckie by moving the wrong blocks to the wrong places? That was my childhood.

Given the current state of my room, you would have no idea I can be like this. But in addition to having a need to have everything in its place, I also have a limit. If it cannot be perfectly organized (due to time, scale, or any other impeding factor), I just go screw it and live like an animal. Given that my room will be massively reorganized and gutted in three weeks when I move home, and given that I’ve been living here off and on for the last four years, it’s never been feasible to keep it orderly. So I don’t keep it at all!

Recently, I have noticed a need in my life. A need which, prior to my recent interest in being decorative, had never surfaced. And as they often do, this need hit me at the most appropriate of times: 4am. It’s not like I need to sleep or anything.

About a month or two back, I realized my makeup collection had outgrown its current home (a travel bag I stole from my mom years ago) and needed to be better organized. I stayed up late that night reorganizing everything into sections of two new bags. At 4am two nights ago, I found that this two-bag structure was not working for me because I have this one lipstick and I cannot find the lipstick and it’s all your fault, travel bag (things like this are really clear at 4am). I proceeded to go through the house looking for this lipstick in every place I ever put lipstick (including texting Matteo to see if maybe he had it, which makes just a ton of sense) and also alternative storage solutions. Alas, I found no lipstick and no new organizational scheme.

That’s when it hit me. I vaguely remembered from a trip to Nordstrom Rack that there were these metal boxes that had little fold out drawers that people used to keep makeup. I never had enough makeup to justify buying one, so I suppose I just forgot about them. To the internet I went. Turns out, they’re called “train cases” (for what reason, I haven’t a clue), and I absolutely needed one. I needed one like I needed air. Right then. At 4am. Needless to say, that didn’t pan out for me. I did go looking the next day with my mom, but I came up empty handed… That is until I remembered that you can buy anything at Target, and the one in the mall is open until 11!

Of course, Target met all my “This may someday break, but it’s $30 and the nice one at Sephora is $100” expectations. I emerged victorious, with a cute burnished metal case that seemed solidly made. Adorable! It was 10pm and I was going to organized everything right now and that was going to be so great and I would feel all better.

My things didn’t fit.

In what I’m sure my boyfriend will later claim was not totally illogical (you know, while making that face that says it really, really was), I asked him to go back with me. I still had half an hour. I was returning this sucker in favor of a larger one, right goddamn now. So, back to Target we went, and I found a new magical box (this one was blue with black lace over, adorable!) and came back to try it out. Thank god, this time everything fit.

Just in case there are any other organizational junkies out there, this was my end result:

Joy! 😀


2 Responses to "For the Love of Boxes"

Have you very heard of being on a 730 hold? The crate, however, is quite nice. AE

And it fits *perfectly* on the vanity between the sinks!

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