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Benefit B.Right Skincare

Posted on: July 24, 2011

In an attempt to look less like an adolescent nightmare/swamp monster, I have embarked into the contradictory and confusing world of skincare, as well as the shockingly glitter-filled realm of make up. Or, in other words, I was tired of having acne at 21 when I was promised it would strictly be the domain of my teenage years. Erroneously, I thought “Hey, Sephora has this stuff, right? I know I remember one or two names from a friend’s blog post, I’ll check it out.”

What I was greeted with was a veritable wall of products I couldn’t possibly understand the use of, all claiming different magical properties. Some of them were sorted into catagories: acne, redness reducing, age defying. I must have looked at 50 or more, trying to decide, well, if I had acne and redness, what the hell do I do then? Some of them had what I could only assume were variations in texture. “Creamy cleanser.” “Exfoliating.” Each collection or theme had from 3-10 different products or steps, but very little in the way of explanation of when or how to use them. I was quite frankly overwhelmed and intimidated.

After half-heartedly buying a tiny bottle of some exfoliator based on smell alone, I went home, deciding I would probably do best to just delay this a bit in lieu of… just about anything else on the planet. But while sniffing through some fragrance samples (and falling in love with Daisy Eau So Fresh) I got in the mail, I came across samples for the new Benefit b.right skincare line. Well, I had to wash my face so I thought what the hell, I’ll try it. Thus began a tentative relationship with my first “adult” skincare regimen.

I use five of eight products in the line, which I will review individually below. Overall, I’m quite pleased with the line. Even though it’s marketed for normal to dry skin, I’ve seen a lot of improvement despite having what I believe is called “combination” skin. I didn’t find getting these products to be a strain on my budget (they’re fairly reasonably priced), but I did try before I bought and I recommend others do the same. There is a sample kit available for $24 dollars which contains all 5 products I use plus an toner I decided to forego. I decided I liked the line well before the samples ran out, so I’m saving as a travel kit now. If nothing else, make sure to smell the products before getting them — I’ve seen a lot of reviewers who cannot stand the cucumber-esque scent. Personally, it’s part of the reason I tried the products to begin with, and I don’t find it distracting or distasteful at all.

The products I won’t cover here are the toner, which is used prior to moisturizing in order to maximize the effect (I saw no noticeable difference with or without it), the make up remover, and the facial re-hydrating mist.


Foamingly Clean Facial Wash

Price: 4.5 oz. for $21.

I am so pleased with this cleanser. First off, it smells great and a little bit soapy. Secondly, its texture is just amazing. With even just a tiny bit it foams right up. It also leaves me with this squeaky-clean feeling I love, without being drying like cleansers I’ve used before. I use this twice a day, morning and night. The price point is also very reasonable, especially given how little of the product I use each time.


Refined Finish Facial Polish

Price: 4.5 oz. for $22.

I have never really used an exfoliator prior to this, but I find this one to be fairly gentle (given, of course, that it has little coarse rubby bits in it). If the cleanser will last long, then I’ll never run out of this. I only use it two times a week, tops, after cleansing.


Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++

Price: 1.7 oz. for $28.

I use this as a daytime moisturizer. It’s oil-free, broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15, and extremely lightweight. The glass bottle does worry me a bit (even though, by and large, I really love the retro look of the packaging) in that, even with the pump, it may be hard to get out all of the product when it’s near empty. Overall, though, it doesn’t leave me feeling greasy, even though there’s sunscreen in it. It absorbs quickly, and leaves my skin soft.


Total Moisture Facial Cream

Price: 1.7 oz. for $38.

I use this as my nighttime moisturizer. It’s quite effective. It also takes far less time to absorb than expected, even though it’s so creamy. A little bit also goes a long way. This and the other moisturizer I can see myself replacing fairly soon, but perhaps I use more than is strictly necessary. Even though they’re more expensive than the cleansers, they certainly don’t break the bank like other products I’ve seen.


It’s Potent! Eye Cream

Price: 0.5 oz. for $32.

Honestly speaking, I probably don’t need to use an eye cream. I’m not sure I’ve seen any tangible benefit. I do have terribly under eye circles, though, along with frequent swelling, so it most likely can’t hurt. It’s fragrance free, and feels nicely rich. I use it below my eyes at night, after I moisturize.


Overall Impression

I’m so pleased with the results from these products. My skin is looking brighter and healthier, and I’ve seen a dramatic downswing in the amount of acne popping up (pun intended). I’m also totally satisfied with the cost. I find it to be very reasonable. As far as more shallow observations go, the packaging is fabulously done, though some product may be wasted due to aesthetic decisions. The unified scent, in my opinion, is pleasant and fresh. I would definitely recommend this set for someone with normal to dry skin, and certain products (for instance, the ones I’ve been using from the collection) for my combination skin breathren to try.


2 Responses to "Benefit B.Right Skincare"

You need some girly friends, chica. Toner is beneficial, btw, but not visibly. I’ve got about 2.5 years of selling skincare products under my belt, and being a makeup hoarder and master shopper. Feel free to hit me up if you ever have a wtf moment. 🙂

Also, I LOVE SEPHORA. AND BENEFIT. (also: Bare Escentuals, Tarte, NARS, and Urban Decay.)

I really, really do. XD I have none. I am really liking Benefit and Tarte, also. 😀

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