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Tasker Roundup

Posted on: June 18, 2011

I’ve been reticent to post my Tasker profiles (of which I have many) because not all of them are “optimal.” But, since I promised, here they are. I’ll do my best to describe the settings and profiles I use to achieve the effects I’ve been going for!

I’ll supply the Contexts and Task descriptions for each profile, but please comment if I haven’t been specific enough! I’m more than happy to help.


GPS Only for Location-Based Services

This is a common one I’ve seen around. Since GPS tends to really drain battery if it’s enabled all the time, this profile enables GPS when I open Maps, Places, or Yelp, and disables it when I’m done.

Profile: GPS Only For Maps

Context: Application -> Maps, Places, Yelp

GPS On Task: Misc -> GPS, Set On

GPS Off Task (Exit Task): Misc -> GPS, Set Off


Auto Reply to SMS at Night if I Haven’t Recently Sent One

This one has two profiles as I’ve made it. This set is actually really buggy for me, though, so your mileage may vary. Getting it to send all the time is easy. Disabling it after sending one is awkward, and I’m not sure I’ve got the semaphore working quite right. If you don’t mind it sending every time, you just need the first profile. 🙂 For my purposes, turning off the response for 10 minutes after I last sent a text seemed like a good time limit, but obviously that’s customizable.

Profile: Auto-Reply to SMS at Night

Context: Time -> From 00:00 Till 09:00

Context: Event -> Received Text (you can limit it to specific contacts if you like)

Context: State -> Power

Auto-Reply Task: Phone -> Send SMS to %SMSRF (this is “whoever sent you the text”) if %JTXT (this is the semaphore I made) Maths: Is Equal To 0

Profile: Remove Auto After I Send

Context: Time -> From 00:00 To 09:00

Context: Event -> SMS Success

Set %JTXT Task:

1. Variable -> Variable Set %JTXT To 1

2. Tasker -> Wait For 10 Minutes

3. Variable -> Variable Set %JTXT To 0


WiFi at Home

This is one of those profiles that’s extendable to a bunch of situations. I myself have two, since I travel between LA and Irvine. Instead of using GPS to figure out when you’re home (which is less battery efficient) this will periodically turn your WiFi on and off in order to check if a given network is within range (your home network). If so, it turns on the WiFi. Once out of range, it turns the WiFi off again.

Profile: WiFi at Home

Context: State -> WiFi Near (you then provide your network’s SSID and/or MAC address)

WiFi On Task: Net -> WiFi Set On

WiFi Off Task (Exit Task): Net -> WiFi Set Off


No Keyguard at Home

I don’t like dealing with the keyguard when I have my phone plugged in and it’s not going to be “accidentally” turned on. As a note of caution, for some reason, it doesn’t always disable 100% of the time, at least for me. I think this is because the condition I depend on is “Power” — and once it has a full charge, it’s no longer considered to be connected to power. This is just my guess, though, and I haven’t found a better condition. It’s definitely better than the situation I had before, so I’m including it. You can probably roll this into one task, and have Keyguard Off as an exit task (or the other way around), but since this is the way I first thought of it, I’m just going to keep it as is. 😛 Not very coder-like of me, though.

Profile: Keyguard

Context: Event -> Display On

Context: State -> Not Power

Keyguard On Task: Display -> Keyguard Set On

Profile: No Keyguard When Plugged In

Context: Event -> Display On

Context: State -> Power

Keyguard Off Task: Display -> Keyguard Set Off


Auto Google Music/Pandora

This automatically launches a selected app when a headset is plugged in (originally I had Pandora, but since getting the beta for GMusic, I’ve had it launch that instead).

Profile: Auto-Music

Context: State -> Headset Plugged

Open Music Task: App -> Load App Music (or Pandora, or LastFM, etc.)

Go Home Task (Exit Task): App -> Go Home


Class Profile

One of the things I originally got Tasker for was to emulate the automatic sound profile switching I had with my Blackberry. I haven’t got my “vibrate” profile down pat, but generally speaking it serves my purposes. I have a variable number of class profiles based on the different hours I have class on different days. All the hours and such, and the specific sound settings, are very customizable, of course. This is my set up for my Mon/Wed Chemistry lecture and lab for this summer.

Profile: Class

Context: Time -> From 09:01 Till 17:00

Context: Day -> Mon or Wed

Vibrate Profile Task:

1. Audio -> Notification Volume Level 0

2. Audio -> Media Volume Level 9

3. Audio -> Ringer Volume Level 0

Normal Profile Task (Exit Task):

1. Audio -> Notification Volume Level 6

2. Audio -> Media Volume Level 13

3. Audio -> Ringer Volume Level 6


Night Profile

These are the audio settings I use at night, which can be adapted however you’d like.

Profile: Night

Context: Time -> From 00:00 Till 9:00

Night Profile Task: Audio -> Notification Volume Level 0

Normal Profile Task (Exit Task): Described above


Read SMS While Driving

This profile and the next piggyback off of a Minimalistic Text triggered profile which turns on my Bluetooth (this is the only condition for entering what I call “driving mode”), but I’ll cover “hybrid” profiles in another post. Basically, this reads any texts I get while driving out loud so I can tell if I need to call someone. Very helpful in a hands-free state.

Profile: Read SMS While Driving

Context: Event -> Received Text

Context: State -> Bluetooth Connected

Read SMS Task: Misc -> Say “Received text from %SMSRN (this is the contact name for the sender): %SMSRB (this is the message body)”


Read Email While Driving

This is almost identical to the above, but for email. Since emails can be so long, though, I only have it read the subject header, not the whole body.

Profile: Read Email While Driving

Context: Event -> K9 Email Received (I use K9 as my email client, but there is Tasker support for some other 3rd party clients, as well as the default/Gmail)

Context: State -> Bluetooth Connected

Read Email Task: Misc -> Say “Received email from %EFROM (this is the sending email address): %ESUBJ (this is message subject)”


What’s Next?

These are, of course, only the profiles I currently use myself. There are several great step-by-step resources online to help familiarize yourself with what Tasker can or cannot do beyond what I show here. The best way to learn, I think, is plain tinkering around with it until you feel comfortable. It’s certainly capable of doing far more complex things than I’ve listed here, this is just what works for me. I’ll do another post about Minimalistic Text integration because this is enough of a monster as is. I hope this helps! 🙂

Update: My Tasker and Minimalistic Text profiles are available here.


3 Responses to "Tasker Roundup"

Can you answer what I think is a simple question but I can’t seem to find the answer to anywhere? In your “read email while driving” profile, you use the context “K9 email received”. How the heck do you get that to show up the tasker context menu? I have K9 installed, but I don’t see a “3rd party” menu when I choose New>event like I think I’m supposed to. Do I need a plugin or something?

That’s very unusual. Yes, there should be a 3rd Party menu under the Event context (it actually even shows up if you have none of the applicable apps installed — the ones you don’t have just have a * next to them). I’ve checked and I believe Tasker should support K9 out of the box, without a plugin required. I know I don’t currently have one installed. I also installed K9 before Tasker on the phone I have currently, and I don’t think the order should matter. I’m sorry, I’ve searched some online but I haven’t seen anything about a fix for this problem.

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