The Vengeful Polyglot

I’m a Graduate

Posted on: June 13, 2011

So, after a terrible set of projects/finals, my boyfriend being suddenly hospitalized due to an inexplicable case of pancreatitis, and my own illness, I’m finally back. And graduated. Whoo!

I’ll be back to regular posting in just a bit, including the Tasker setup I’m working on. It’ll be good to be back, it’s been a stressful few weeks. For now, pictures of my expansive family from graduation! It almost looks like I’m a real person now. 😮


2 Responses to "I’m a Graduate"

Yes. You are a real person now. As for your blog, I would like to read insightful observervations about your life’s journey, your insights on current events and topics of interest and continuing photos….
I am so proud of you, dear Niece! Please continue your thirst for knowledge and do something with your career that really excites you.
That’s my advice for now.
Oh, I just remembered a saying that my father, your papa, used to love to say to me: “The cream always rises to the top”. Don’t forget it; just work hard and it will come (see, I really read your blog).


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