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Posted on: May 19, 2011

You get hassled less at Fry’s if your hair is messy and you’re wearing a WoW tshirt and glasses (maybe not if you wear them exactly like that, though).

Otherwise, I get a lot of “But what color are you looking for (because the criterion women base hardware purchases on)?” and “Don’t you want the one with the Genius Button? It’s better (for reasons I could never supply to you if asked)!”

How many of the sales associates at Fry’s do you think know the only difference between the regular Android search key and the “Genius Button” is that the voice recognition is by Nuance instead of Google? I’m guessing not many. I can tell you for a fact, though, that all of them will assume you don’t.

It’s pretty funny to mess with them, though. Too bad when I look like a nerd none of them will come play with me. 😛

(Also, I got my new Bluetooth headset $15 off because I was able to make them price match to Amazon using my phone. Bazinga! I win the internets.)

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1 Response to "Observation"

Sounds like you need a new toy to play with.

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