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How You, Too, Can Look Like Your Face is Your Face

Posted on: April 26, 2011

In an attempt to recreate Saturday’s magic makeup encounter, I tried my new purchases for the second time tonight. In the interest of documenting my (questionable) success, I have taken many a MySpace bathroom photo to try and document my new “look.” I’ll also list out each of the products I used, in case anyone is interested.

Magic special makeup

This is the blurry phone pic I took right after the makeup artist did everything for me, used as reference. Please forgive the zombie fish face– when I smile, my eyes disappear, which is not conducive to seeing how they should look later on. It’s a really natural, basic look, but it’s good for me because I’m not comfortable with things being too heavy on a daily basis.

Science has confirmed that, even though they were not curled in this picture and I do so regularly, my eyelashes will never look this good again. What I was able to do tonight is below (complete with more zombie fish face):

Less magic makeup

Less magic makeup

The first pic was blurry, so I’m posting the second even though I look decidedly creepy in it. I am not a fan of pictures of zombie fish face, but for the sake of actually seeing my the makeup (sort of), I’ll deal.

This was a success in that:

  • I don’t look disfigured.
  • I didn’t horribly maim myself with the angled brush while applying eyeliner.
  • While the photos look really washed out, my cheeks and lips actually were pretty pink, which I was looking for.
  • The makeup was not so thick as to be smothering. I was comfortable wearing it.

This was not a success in that (as far as these photos go, anyway):

  • All three are washed out, which is lame.
  • My lips look HORRIBLY asymmetrical in every photo I tried to take. I have beeing staring in the mirror for several minutes to confirm this is not actually true. Apparently, when I take a picture, even with my slack-jawed blank face, I hold my mouth really oddly. This is up there with always closing one eye more than the other in photos where I’m smiling. Whyyyy.
  • Ditto with one side of my hair looking way longer than the other. Again, whyyyy.

From a pure makeup standpoint, though, I was pretty pleased. I feel kind of stupid posting so many photos because, like I’ve said before, I don’t actually put that much on. My face pretty much looks like my face. If you, too, would like this “I’m not wearing makeup — J/K!!lolz” kind of look, the products I used are the following (all of which, with the exception of the highlighter and the primer, I bought the other day).


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Laura Mercier Primer

I used this all over prior to putting on my foundation, just after my moisturizer. I believe it has something to do with pores. A mystery.


Laura Mercier Face Care Mineral Powder in Tender Rose

I really don’t like the feel of cream foundation on my skin, so I’ve always used some variant of a powder. I like the shade of this a lot better than the Bare Minerals loose powder I used before, as well as the MAC pressed powder I was using just before this. I have used the pressed powder in the same color before, but this time I was prompted to try the loose one. I like it so far. It does have some luminosity to it, and I look rather dewy with it, I think. (That or I’m terribly oily? I prefer this explanation…) I also like that it’s SPF 15. Since I use Neutrogena Daily Moisture with SPF 35 in the mornings, though, it’s not a big concern for me.


Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Pink Mosaic

I’ve had my eye on this for a while, ever since my mom got the limited edition with cute flowers instead of triangles. I use this as blush. I also have the Peach Mosaic, which I’ve used forever. This looks much better with pink lips, go figure. I think typically you’re not supposed to use shimmer as a main blush, but since I wear really light makeup it’s always worked for me. It’s luminous without being glittery. If I’m going out at night, occasionally I’ll use a matte contour blush under my cheekbones to make them stand out a bit more, but usually it’s just this.


Smashbox Eyeshadow in Champagne

A shimmery beige that goes on really smoothly. I used this all over as a base.


Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Soul

This has been my favorite highlighter forever. It’s lighter than it looks in the picture, and really shimmery. Just slightly off-white. I put this just under my brows and in the inner corners of my eyes.


Stila Eyeshadow in Terra

Huge picture is huge. This is a nice warm brown that I used to contour. I was told by the makeup artist the other day, “The darker the color, the smaller the brush,” and that I should use a bullet brush when putting shadow on the crease of my eyelid. I have one of those! But while that made a lot of sense to me, I am having a really hard time breaking the habit of using my fingers.


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Sepia Ink

I had heard of cream eyeliner and I had heard of pencil eyeliner. I had never heard of this. This one is gel (apparently — to my uninitiated brush, it doesn’t look all that different than a cream) and dark brown, which I’m finding looks a lot nicer on me than the blacks/greys I’ve been using. Also, what is super hard with a pencil (blending, getting a straight line) is a bit easier for me using an angled brush. A bit awkward to get used to, though. I was told that it’s okay if the line you draw initially is crooked, just to go over and blend it with a Q-tip lightly. I kind of failed at that both times I tried (I wound up rubbing a lot off, and having to redo it), but it definitely blends a lot easier than the pencils I’m used to.


Chanel Inimitable Mascara

I’ve been using this mascara for a while, but I got a new one the other day, so it still counts. 😛 I find it’s really resistant to clumping, and looks nice with even just one layer. In the above photos I have on two, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it, so I’m not sure it looks much different than normal. It holds a curl nicely; I curl one set of eyelashes, apply mascara to that eye, and do the same for the other. In my superstitious mind, this makes them curlier than if I wait until I curl both to put on my mascara. I have the shortest eyelashes known to mankind, so every little bit helps.


MAC Dazzleglass in Extra Amps

Forgive the seriously weird picture, but this was the only one on Google which really showed its terrifying pinkness. It’s the glittery-est, pinkest, monstrosity in a tube you’ve ever seen. Don’t lie, it is. I was astounded by it’s hot-pinkness when the makeup artist showed it to me. Initially, my wee, poor heart couldn’t take it. I can barely pull off red on rare occasions. How was I going to pull off Legally Blonde levels of pink? But it turns out it’s all bark and no bite. What comes out of the tube is a rather subdued, Spring pink with really fun sparkles. They’re not large enough to look tacky, but still seriously cute. I may have to go and get another color. I’ve always been a fan of MAC Lipglass, way back to middle school when I used to use BeneTint on my lips and cheeks, mascara, and the original Lipglass to top it off. It’s sticky as all get out (kind of like those click-up Stila glosses that were so popular around that time, especially since the trend was to so slick up your lips that they stuck to everything but themselves), and my hair is always in it, but the shine is really great. Now, with sparkles! Really girly, but really fun.

Since the pictures above are really washed out, this totally blog-official webcam pic shows more clearly the color of the gloss. It also shows, hopefully, that I don’t always look like a zombie fish.

Plus, I have totally adorable kitten wall stickers. And a blue couch. I’m pretty sure zombies don’t have couches.


1 Response to "How You, Too, Can Look Like Your Face is Your Face"

LOL! I have the same problem with my lips!! I tried taking pics of my lips for the lipstick color and I couldn’t stand the asymmetry, which has to do with my bite, so I just don’t post any pics of my lips anymore. hahaha.
Great overall look though, the products came together well! 🙂
❤ Tinna

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